Taylor, 40-years-old

I had been gluten free for 4 years and was feeling stuck. I still had pain and discomfort and was becoming an embarrassment to my family. Susan designed an Ayurveda diet and lifestyle that was manageable and easy. I was able to start it the next day. After one week, I lost 6 pounds and woke feeling refreshed. My colleagues commented that I was different, “your face looks more relaxed”. It is easy to be happy since my body is no longer upset. 


Ann, 56-years-old

I was overweight and frustrated. I had heard about an Ayurveda lifestyle but thought it would required too much energy. I was mistaken. During my initial consultation, Susan was intelligent, knowledgeable, relatable and gentle. After one week, my belly was flatter, my flatulence decreased by 80%, my mind was more alert and my clothes fit better. After one month, I lost 10 pounds. Regular consultations with Susan are providing me with holistic support, modification and guidance to facilitate calm, happiness and understanding of my journey. After 6 months my libido has greatly improved.