Susan O’Connor is a certified personal wellness coach specializing in personalized nutrition, stress management and vitality. She is deeply committed to helping clients achieve vitality, harmony between mind and body, better health and inner healing. O’Connor’s specialty in sustainable wellness strategies for executives results in healthier teams and organizations that exceed business results. She brings her full depth of knowledge in Ayurveda, mindfulness, meditation and yoga to her wellness clients.

Dedicated wholeheartedly to wellness, O’Connor leads the Global Wellness Coaching Initiative for the Global Wellness Institute. O’Connor is a Certified Wellness Coach by the Mayo Clinic, National Ayurvedic Medical Association and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She is certified in yoga by The Yoga Alliance and Rodney and Colleen Yee, and received global immersion in Ayurveda, meditation and yoga in Karnataka and Bengaluru, India. She is trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction by the Center for Mindfulness and practiced nature meditation at Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership.

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